For two years WESC partnered with The Egyptian Desert Pioneer Society to organize the Festival Characters of Egypt providing an opportunity to combine two critical issues facing Egypt: bring an in-depth understanding of cultural diversity to the Egyptian population in bringing different tribes to participate to an annual event and developing a comprehensive museum displaying the cultural heritage of the Egyptian tribes.


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The Event celebrated the cultural heritage of tribes from seven desert areas of Egypt: Siwa and Farafra from the Western Desert, North and South Sinai, Nubia, and the Eastern and Southern Deserts which stretch from Marsa Allam to Alba Mountain. As Held in the pristine Fustat Wadi El Gemal National Park, 45 km south of Marsa Allam on the Red Sea, this first cultural event of its kind  showcased the diversity of fauna and flora in the area and the intricacy of tribal costumes and jewelry. Attendees  learnt how to shadow-read, navigate the desert and participated with the tribesmen in a variety of activities including music, dance, poetry, sports, games, food tasting, a camel race, educational lectures on the tribes and the environment.