Call for proposals: EuropeAid/163302/DD/ACT/EG
Support to Civil Society Organisations, Egypt
Application reference: CSO-LA/2019/163302/29
Youth Action on Climate Change

In November 2020, WESC has been granted a fund from the European Commission to implement a two year project on "Youth Action on Climate Change". WESC will work together with Injaz-Egypt as a co-applicant in two localities; Abou El Nomros in Giza and Manshiet Nasser in Cairo. 

Targeting the inhabitants of two underprivileged communities in the Greater Cairo area, the action aims to .provide green engineering skills to students and teach green solutions at the household level to women. 

First and foremost, the project aims to build the capacity of local CSOs in both targeted communities to become agents of environmental education and awareness-raising in their areas, while being able to assist the population to increase their resilience and to cope with the adverse effects of climate change. The second activity, based on the long experience of WESC with environmental education projects as well as Injaz’s experience in building school curricula, is to finetune the existing curriculum to create relevant and community-sensitive content for the two selected communities, in constant dialogue with the local CSOs. This curriculum will be offered to 165 students (including 150 high school and 15 university students), delivered through 15 teachers who will receive support to familiarise themselves with the curriculum as part of the action as well, containing elements of circular economy, climate change challenges, potential adaptation and mitigation methods, basics of environmental science, green engineering, vocational training, and business development. 

Furthermore, the students who participate in the trainings will be grouped together  working on: solar water heating systems, biogas digesters, waste management, and environmental entrepreneurship. This activity feeds directly into the household component of the project, as these teams will be supporting women in the communities to install, in total, 30 solar water heaters, 30 biogas digesters and 30 waste management installations in different households.