"I want to thank every person who had a part in organizing and implementing all the activities in WESC summer camp in waadi food.  You are a real campers and you know what you are doing. Yes you worth the 110 kilometers trip everyday. We are seriously disappointed that it was only one week. Thanks to the leaders for everything you have done with our kids.". Parent, Summer 2015

"I wish this was a thousand day camp"!! Camper, Summer 2015

"Great job, informative, organize, educational, fun, friendly and a professional camp, well done. Way to go WESC". Parent, Summer 2015

"I can't wait until next camp". Camper, Summer 2015


After the great success we had with the day camps this summer, WESC is proudly announcing another overnight camp on site.

The camp offers a great experience for your kids to enjoy a natural setting for three days. The students will have the chance to explore science and nature during the morning activities, develop team building skills during our games and on top of that learn camping skills like setting up tents and cooking!

In the fast pace of today, this is the kind of experience we need to give to our students to slow down, enjoy nature, learn from it and culminate into a unique team building experience.

Themes would include: Living things, Nature hunts, Astronomy and much more!!

We are hosting the age bracket of :  7-13.


Saturday 22nd to Monday 24th of August

If you would like to join register using the link below or call on: 01001456788

Your children are our most valuable interest and we care to give them safe, well controlled and meaningful experiences.

Have Fun with Science and Nature at WESC 

Summer Day Camps