In line with the EC strategy for sustainable development (2008), the UN Decade Education for Sustainable Development (2005-2014), and the Egyptian Education Reform Policy (2008-2010), this project aims to promote the Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) in the Egyptian society. The project is the first initiative in Egypt that brings universities and schools together in a structured mechanism. The specific objectives are; 

‚Äča) Establishing seven Centres of Excellence inside the Egyptian universities to offer ESD services,  b) Developing ESD teaching kits for basic education,  c) Developing innovative ESD teaching methodologies for school children,  d) Developing and implementing a training of trainers programme for school teachers,  e) Constructing a virtual environment for sharing knowledgeon ESD. 
To achieve these objectives, a consortium members were selected representing different stakeholders & have the required capacity and know-how. Therefore, the consortium includes 7 EG and 3 EU universities, 2 SMEs, 3 NGOs (amongst which is WESC), 2 Ministries, and Bibliotheca Alexandrina. Four Regional Centers of Expertise (RCE) on ESD which are members of the ESD Global RCEs Network are involved in this consortium. The two Education Ministries will ensure the successful implementation, access to schools, and project sustainability.  The direct target groups are the university professors & undergraduate students. The indirect beneficiaries are the schools, teachers, & children. The proposed mechanism enables transferring and sharing ESD knowledge and promoting SD in at least seven governorates including Cairo.