Youth Encounter on Sustainability (YES)–Slovakia WESC members had attended the (YES) course that was held in Slovakia 2006, the courses are organized by the center of sustainability at the Swiss Federal institute of Technology in Zurich,ETH.

Youth Encounter on Sustainability (YES Alumni) - Sinai, Egypt  WESC in partnership with ETH Sustainability initiated the launching of the first Youth Encounter on Sustainability (YES) alumni course in November 2008. The course took place in the Sinai Desert, Egypt over the course of 10 days.
Facilitation Training and Capacity Building WESC team has participated in the FTCB training program organized by CIDA Egypt.

Climate Reality Leadership Training- AlGore Foundation
The Managing Director completed training in 2014 with the Algore Foundation on climate reality leadership and has obtained certification. This achievement reflects [his/her] dedication to becoming a knowledgeable advocate for environmental sustainability and addressing the challenges of climate change.

​She Entrepreneurs- Swedish Institute