Hanns Seidel Foundation along with the Wadi Environmental Science Centre, WESC in partnership with several other entities, have launched a project with the aim to Establish an Ecological Centre in Egypt in order to Support the Sustainable Development and to implement a Water Awareness-Raising Program, the primary goal of the project is to provide a firsthand learning facility for students and teachers from different governorates to raise their awareness on water issues and challenges globally and locally.Partners of the project are: the State Information Service (Nile Centers) and the Egyptian Environmental Affaires Agency (EEAA).The locations have been chosen based on the need and the accessibility of these locations through the Nile Centers for Information, Education & Training in Egypt; these governorates are (Cairo, New Valley, Assiut, Fayoum and Kafr El Sheikh).

Activity: Teachers and Nile Centers’ staff
Number of Participants: 23
​Wadi Environmental Science Centre, WESC implemented the project for 90 students and 10 teachers from Cairo, Kafr EL Sheikh governorates and Fayoum. This round consisted of ; WESC premises, Dahab Island and Azhar Park Lake, Fayoum.