WESC has conducted a Nutrition and Health Project on partnership basis with CID fulfilling the Danone target in 2016. The Nutrition and Health Project was designed to spread awareness about our body needs for a healthier society. The main goal of the project is to inform different beneficiaries about the nutrients needed for our growth and health. Thus, the project enhance the knowledge of the different food groups and the importance for good health. In addition, the project strived to educate the beneficiaries on how to have daily balanced meals as well as healthy preparation methods within low budgets.

WESC along with Danone established a goal to deliver awareness to 28,000 students and mothers in public schools across Cairo.

Currently with the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the empowerment of Women (UN Women). WESC has a partnership that aims to reach students and mothers in different governorates in Egypt such as Menya, Giza and Greater Cairo. The final objective of the projects to reach out and inform about 600 beneficiaries (students and mothers).

As part of the project, we focus on the needs of different parts of Egypt and we tailor the activity based on their local environment. For example, some governorates suffer from fresh water scarcity or lack of economic opportunities; therefore,we develop affordable methods to save water in order for them to have a sustainable source of water.